500 word health question

This course has given you a brief overview of the broad field of addictions and eating disorders. In this unit you have reviewed approaches other than those currently in use in the United States and have read critiques of our approaches. Using what you know about the field, select one of the following disorders: alcohol, drugs, behavioral, eating, or body distortion.

  • First, review and discuss our society’s current approach to prevention, education, and advocacy for this disorder. Be sure to include the informal aspects of this, such as advertising and social media.
  • Then, propose an approach for this disorder in prevention, education, and advocacy that you believe will be more effective. What resources would you as a leader need to be instrumental in this change?

The minimum number of words for this discussion is 500. You will need to conduct independent research in addition to the resources in the course room, in order to complete this discussion.

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