Answer one discussion question and replay to two of my classmate

My classmate answers to the discussion is attached and choose any two and replay to them ( male sure you tell me which one you replay to)

This is the discussion question:

1. First, what was the occasion of the disagreement (context, background)?

2. Second, describe how you employed these four steps of Rogerian argument with your “adversary” (I prefer the term “partner”). Again, here are the steps you must follow during your conversation with the person:

a. Summarize the grievance between you and your partner.

b. State your partner’s position. Make sure he or she agrees that you’ve stated correctly his/her position.

c. Grant the validity of his or her position.

d. Show how his or her position will be improved if he or she also accepts your position.

3. Finally, how did your partner in the discussion respond? Was the grievance resolved, stayed same, escalated?

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