Creative Writing Question

At the end of the quarter, each person will submit a 2.5-5 page informal reflection(metacognition) on his/her/their group participation and experiences.

Individual students will detail

  • how they participated throughout the quarter in their groups (including specific examples).
  • what they learned and how they grew in working within teams.
  • Takeaways for working in teams in the future (workforce, etc).

In addition to a thoughtful reflection, address these at some point in your metacognition for the individual credit for discussion team participation. Did you

  • attend all sessions. if you did not attend, was your absence ok’d by the group? Were you given a makeup responsibility (if the group required it)?
  • arrive on time for all sessions?
  • participate i.e.:
    • thoughtfully engage in peer review
  • complete your assigned role for each week?

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