Eng Poetry Analysis

Write a 600-800 word (3-5 page) analysis of the poetry we have read and discussed in class. Support and illustrate your claim with specific examples in the form of textual evidence. As part of this support, include at least three direct quotations from the poem, properly documenting each using MLA citations. You must incorporate at least 2-3 literary terms in your discussion. The paper must be typed and in MLA format and should include a Work Cited page. All the rules of writing covered in ENG 101 apply to papers for this class. Proofread, see me, and/or go the Writing Center with questions.

Thats what my teachers instructions are! Pick a poem from the handouts doc included! FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY


Literary terms!

Quotations for quotes and work cited page

Proof read! run ons, typos, tense shifts ( i tip based on how much editing i have to do when i get it back! out of 0-50$)

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