For this assignment write a clearly formatted sentence outline

 For this assignment write a clearly formatted sentence outline following the guidelines in the Sentence Outline Tutorial.

  • Remember to use complete sentences. This outline will serve as a precursor to a complete draft.
  • Remember to provide a title for your intended paper and cite any sources you use according to MLA style. Check out the “Citation Help
    page in the ENG101&102 Research Guide to review correctly formatted
    sample citations and to learn about tools that will generate citations
    for you!
  • The length of this assignment will vary, but most outlines will
    range between 4-5 pages. It is OK to single-space your outline.
  • For a self-checklist to help revise your outline, visit Create and Review Your Outline.

************I gave you a sample of “formal_outline” paper. please follow the instruction.***********

********* also I gave a video show you everything. open it and you will see. *****************

**********Please do your best……………

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