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Angela chose medicine as her _____ (…..ation) because when she was twelve years old, she had a(n) ________ (….id) dream that convinced her she had been “called” to heal people.

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The attic bedroom has three windows, called _____ (….ers).  They are set at an angle to the roof, so they look as if they are partly ______ (……tached) from the rest of the house.

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Many people believe that ________ (homi…..) will remain a(n) ______ (…..ic) problem in American society until our ubiquitous handguns are made illegal.  So long as guns can be obtained almost anywhere, people will be tempted to use them.

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The queen’s closet advisers were at ____ (….ty) to enter the throne room freely.  All others had to wait in the ____ (….chamber) before they were allowed to see her.

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In science fiction stories, _____ (…..terrestials) such as E.T. are often able to communicate by _____ (pro…ing) their thoughts into the Earth people’s minds.  Real scientists, however , scoff at this idea, thinking such communication is impossible.

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