Sociology- Carbon Footprint

As you know, we all have an impact on the environment every day as a result of the ways we travel, the things we consume, and how we run our households.  I’d like you to explore your own impact on the environment (your carbon footprint).

Please visit the Nature Conservancy’s Carbon Footprint Calculator (this link opens up a new window). Complete the quiz (you can choose whether to calculate it for yourself or for your household.)  When you’re done, write down your results and how they compare to the average.  Then, click “Climate Saving Tips” on the left and read the tips.

Finally, for your assignment, please submit your results and write a half-page or more (typed, double spaced) in which you discuss your results, what you learned from the tips, and whether you believe these kinds of individual changes are an important way to improve our global climate or not.

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