Managerial Skills and Roles

Scenario 3: Managerial Skills

To be good managers, Kinicki and Williams (2016) say that we need to develop strong technical, conceptual, and human skills.


  • Explain each of the managerial skills.
  • Considering your current job or a job to which you aspire, do you have the necessary technical, conceptual, and human skills to be successful?
  • How can you apply management concepts from this course to develop or hone your managerial skills?

Scenario 4: Managerial Roles

Managers fulfill three important roles: interpersonal, informational, and decisional.


  • Explain each of the roles that managers play.
  • How do you rate against each?
  • How will you leverage your time and activities in the MBA program to develop your interpersonal, informational, and decisional skills?

Include References

Limit your response to 150 words, demonstrate understanding of and cite the required readings or other credible sources that you apply, and look for opportunities to engage with and learn from others. Avoid reading word-for-word, and use the following questions and scenarios to guide your inquiry.

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