Did 9/11 happen due to various forms of “blowback” from poorly planned

Full question is: Did 9/11 happen due to various forms of “blowback” from poorly planned,
exploitative, and/or repressive US foreign policies of the last century,
or is this wrong-headed excuse-making?

Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM !!!
These will be 5+ pages each (they can
and should be longer), based on a Chapter Question, starting with the
textbook then at least five other sources from any legitimate mainstream
book, journal article, periodical, or newspaper (in that order of
importance; email me if you are unsure of a source’s legitimacy).
dictionaries or encyclopedias, especially Wikipedia, are allowed. You
must properly cite a source using the APA Style for anything that is not
common knowledge, let alone if you quote from it. The more sources and
citations, the better your grade will be (good social science needs
cited facts to back it up). I will also expect these
Use standard formatting (double-spaced, 12 point Times or Times New Roman, normal margins, page numbering, etc.).
Do not do a Title Page or sub-headings. Do a Works Cites section (which will not count for length).

In the book is just some basic info, mostly it needs outside sources and the more sources, the better it will get.
And citation is extremely important as well.

I also attach a essay example of what the professor expected so you have a better idea.

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