Freud and Erickson development theories

This Assignment has two parts, one is to,

1. write a short reflective essay, to reflect on whether any particular concept appealed to you or if you disliked it

– What is the most interesting or useful thing that you have learned this week? Do you have any questions or doubts about the information that you have just studied? This reflective essay should be between 150 to 450 words, 200 words is fine by me, no need to go over 250 words really.

2. select 10 developmental stages from both of the theories discussed throughout this course: Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development (5 stages) and Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development (8 stages). The student must define each stage and discuss the students’ own development during these stages. If any of the students do not wish to use themselves as examples, they may write about a fictitious character.

So out of the 13 theories in total, I just need to write about 10 of them. And each theory should not be more than 250 word each.

these 2 links should bring you to the theories described… and…

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