government essay, define and explain.

from the first part, pick 4 then define and explain each one. After, describe the context is in which term/concept has used, by either Hobbies, Locke, Rousseau, Marx or the textbook authors.

second part(essay part), pick 1 question from; Hobbies, Locke, or Rousseau, and write a short essay but complete essays response.

also, pick another one from Marx, it is in the back of the paper down Rousseau.

so from the essays part you are gonna pick 2 questions, one from Marx, and the other from 1 of these(Rousseau, Locke, or Hobbies).

lastly, the extra credit part, it’s up to you. You can choose one, do a one short essay or pick 3 more different concepts then do the same as what you are gonna do for the first part.

BUT, you will do all these just from the pictures of pages of the book that i will attached here when you start doing it, and also some powerpoint that attached already. No need for outside resourses, should be all from the book and powerpoint slides.

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