Healthcare Delivery Systems Discussion 4

Assignment: Identify one health care reform initiative put forth by a
politician. Briefly discuss the initiative. Who do you feel the
initiative benefits? Who does it harm? Should it be passed? Why or why
not? Expectations: 1 page, 3 cited sources from required reading.

Required Reading

Auerbach, J. (2015). Creating incentives to move upstream: Developing
a diversified portfolio of population health measures within payment
and health care reform. American Journal of Public Health, 105(3), 427-431.

Geisel, J. (2015). Health care reform law’s auto-enrollment rule repealed. Business Insurance, 49(23), 3.

Ogundipe, B., Alam, F., Gazula, L., Olagbemiro, Y., Osiezagha, K.,
Bailey, R., & Richie, W., (2015). Remaking the American health care
system: A positive reflection on the Affordable Care Act with emphasis
on mental health care. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 26(1), 49-61.

Pai, R.K., Kennedy, M., & Hahn, P. (2016). Health care reform—12 steps to recovery. Physician Leadership Journal, 3(3), 52-54.

Perez, K. (2016). Healthcare reform and the presidential election campaign. Healthcare Financial Management, 70(4), 102-103.

Presidential candidate’s comments on Medicare reform spark debate. (2015, July 28). Washington: The Advisory Board Company.

Reiboldt, M. (2016). Presidential election and healthcare policy: The last time we discuss this (for a while, at least). The Journal of Medical Practice Management: MPM, 31(5), 261-262.

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