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These criteria on the thesis are a minimum bar for a passing paper. If you far exceed them, it’s not going to push your grade up. But if you fail to meet them, it will be very hard to get even a decent grade. This is because your thesis is what makes sense of everything else you say in the paper.

1a. Your thesis is your answer to all the questions posed for your topic!!
* Your thesis must be the first thing you say in the paper, and explained immediately after.
2. Your thesis is not trivial or partly trivial. Trivial theses can potentially result in an F. A thesis can be graded down for being somewhat trivial.
3. Any terms that are vague, ambiguous, or unclear are defined or explained early in your paper. A reader should be able to think of example situations and determine exactly what your thesis says about them.

Argument for your thesis:
4. The argument gives evidence which could be compelling to a reasonable person who has understood the course material and started out not agreeing with your thesis.
5. The evidence is sufficient to establish that your entire thesis is true – you sufficiently argue for all of the answers to all of the relevant questions.
6. It is clear and well explained how the evidence supports your thesis, and why the evidence is sufficient to establish that your thesis is true.

Response to “obvious” objections.
7. You identify and explain all of the obvious objections to your thesis or to the points you made in making your arguments.
* An obvious objection is anything discussed in class or in the reading that seems to go against your thesis or the points you make in arguing for your thesis. Obvious objections also include any objections that would come to mind to a reasonable and attentive reader who had taken this class, given a modicum of reflection about your claims.
8. For each objection, you correctly characterize what the disagreement is and why it exists.
9. You respond to each obvious objection. This involves either explaining why the apparent disagreement is not a real disagreement, or why the objection is mistaken or irrelevant.
10. The response to the objection must be clear, and must be able to able to convince a reasonable person who had made that objection.

(Note: I will apply 8-10 separately to each obvious objection you discuss. If you leave out an obvious objection, this is like getting an F for that objection) and questions

Paper Proposal

There are three parts you need to do for this assignment.
One, you have to submit by email a tentative thesis.
Two, you have to submit a brief description of a plausible counterexample to that thesis, which we have not covered in class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Three, you have to say how you want your two papers to be weighed.
You will be graded as follows: If you submit a thesis that follows the standards of the paper assignment and a counterexample, you get 100% (this is one homework grade). If you have a counterexample but leave off a thesis, or your thesis isn’t at all formatted according to the paper assignment, you get 50%. If you have a correctly formatted thesis, but no counterexample, you get 70%. Your grade does not depend on how plausible your thesis is. You can get full credit submitting a thesis that is not pre-approved, even if I don’t approve it, as long as it is reasonably appropriate.
Part 2

In Part 2, you must give a reasonable counterexample to your thesis.

This must be a specific example, which is significantly different from any we have covered in class, or anything that was in the reading. You must clearly explain the specific situation that is your counterexample. And you must clearly explain why someone would think that this is a strong counterexample to your thesis.

To get an A, you must both give a counterexample to your thesis that could convince a reasonable person that your thesis is false, and also clearly explain why a reasonable person could be convinced by it, in a way that shows that you understand (some of) those who disagree with you.

Part 3
In Part 3, you must respond to the counterexample given in Part 2. You may not change your thesis, nor change any part of the objection from Part 2.

Your response should be able to convince a person who was originally compelled by the example in Part 2.

If your response shows that there is a better counterexample to your thesis than the one in Part 2 (e.g. it focuses on a detail of Part 2 that could easily be changed to make Part 2 a better counterexample), that is bad for your grade.

If Part 2 is a weak or bad counterexample to your thesis, then you cannot get a good grade for Part 3; this is because Part 3 does not demonstrate your ability to really engage with people who disagree with you.

Your grade will be reduced 1/3 of a grade (e.g. from a B+ to B) for each of these rules you break.

* ID page: after the last body page, add a new page with nothing on it but your name; put your name at the bottom of this page. This allows us to grade all papers anonymously.
* Do not put your name, or any other identifying marks, anywhere on the paper except for your ID page.
* Single spaced, 1″ margins, 12 point font (Times New Roman or something very similar. I recommend Garamond).
* No introduction or conclusion. You thesis is the first thing you say.
* Must be in .doc or .docx format.
* The file name must be “[your student id number] [course number] PAPER 1.doc” or “.docx”.
* Please label “Part 1,” “Part 2,” and “Part 3” of your paper (see above for what goes in each part

MY TOPIC FOR PAPER : Do judges have moral reasons to adhere in sub-optimal result cases? If yes, what is the source of the reasons and how strong are they? If no, why not?

I want you the read the Brand-Ballard article that I provided you with in order to get a better understanding of the topic


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