I need to paraphrase these four sentences

i need to paraphrase these four sentence 

1- When it comes to our field as energy engineers, we have a wide imagination in a way that we create a new thing in a creative way. One of the example that is trying to imagine a new shap of a computer and then trying to apply the
basic ID as self help deal with mental health. This can help them improve the mental skills.

2- There are a lot of things that i have learned in this class , but to me i think the Basic ID scale helped me
the most,i have learned a lot of things about my self that i didn’t know, it helped me improve and be a
better person. In addition , the hearing health component helped realize that 
I’m damaging my ears while
listening to very loud music.

3- As a result of taking MUAG 1500 I improved how i play the piano and now i can play on one that fits
my hands without damaging myself , also i started avoiding loud music and TV i now enjoy classical
music and meditation music , i also learned a lot about my personality in this class , i am more cautious
about my hearing so i don’t end up deaf or damaging my ears.

4- When preforming they might get performance anxiety

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