Leadership Portfolio – Leadership Ethics Project

Personal Leadership Development Plan

Using the various documents listed below, develop a Personal Leadership Development Plan that exploits your strengths to address weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that you see in your personal and business life. You should organize your plan around specific actions you expect to undertake placed in the context of the rationale for the action and a timetable. Experience indicates that identifying 5-6 issues provides a meaningful and realistic development plan. Be as specific as possible, but write in narrative form. Include the elements below as appendices to your Plan.

  1. Your autobiography (Use interview Questions document provided to prepare this document. See instructions below)
  2. Your personal leadership vision (developed using the template provided)
  3. Your personal statement of professional ethics/Code of Conduct (developed using the template provided)
  4. Your analysis of your leadership traits — skills and attributes (developed using the template provided)
  5. Your personal SWOT analysis (developed using the template provided)

Please write your Personal Leadership Portfolio Development Plan in a narrative form. Include the above five elements as appendices to your plan. Upload your completed document in a single file prior to the noted due date and time.

Instructions to prepare “Your Autobiography” Document:

The first section is to include an autobiography. The assignment refers to the student biography questions. I have put a document titled “Interview Questions” to supply the questions which might help you prepare your autobiography in a narrative form. The document should be constructed in APA formatting and be no more than 2-4 pages in length (complete, yet concise).

**** In case of any questions I can provide more details or explain clearly.

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