MKT571- Competitive Analysis and Positioning – Walt Disney


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BOOK: Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L. (2016). Marketing Management. Boston: Pearson.

***Minimum of two references

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Competitive Analysis and Positioning – Walt Disney World

Purpose of Assignment

A critical part of a marketing strategy is understanding how you compare with your competition. In week three (3) you will develop a competitive landscape and perceptual map for your products to guide you in determining changes you may wish to make to your strategic marketing plan. This work will become part of your final marketing plan.


Complete the competitive landscape worksheet. Make sure your scroll down to complete all areas of the worksheet. Once completed, you will need to analyze the data and provide a 200 word summary of changes you would make to the product mix to increase revenue and market share, including both changes to the core marketing mix, as well as any product line extensions you would add.

Supporting Material: Competitive Landscape Worksheet; Competitive Analysis Grading Guide

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