Need a PPT about Public Health

Need a PPT of about 30 to 40 slices about public health….Ethics

NURS 501 Public Health Policies, Ethics and Systems
Faculty: Dr. Velis
Consensus Model and the future of Nursing Analysis
Assignments before the Workshop:
The groups will complete their presentation on Consensus Model and the future of
Nursing. Will prepare a 30-45 minutes long oral presentation in which all
members will have an active part.
1. Search for literature review regarding the changes in nursing practice and its
impact in healthcare systems. Be prepared to discuss in class.
2. Search for articles in professional journals regarding the role of nursing in
quality of care.
3. Search information regarding the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson
Initiative. Key Core Vocabulary:
 Consensus
 Nursing practice
 Quality
 Healthcare Systems
 RJW Foundation Initiative
 Role
Consensus Model and the future of Nursing Analysis:
1. The students will prepare an analysis of the future of Nursing and the role
of the Consensus Model in the Advance Nursing professional.
2. The group presentation will have 30-45 minutes length.
3. Due on Workshop 2

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