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In the Promotion section, describe UP TO FOUR of the following factors related to the current Promotion (NOT past variations of the Promotion), as discussed in Chapters 13 – 15. Only describe those that apply to the product/service assigned.

As this is a RESEARCH paper, the writing should always be in third person (e.g. “The Company promotes their products by…”) and NOT in first person (e.g. “I found that the company promotes their products by…”) or second person (e.g. “When you see their products, you will notice their products are promoted by…”).

References Notes:

•Refer to the school’s website for a review of the consequences of plagiarism and how to avoid it.

•Throughout the paper, use APA format in-text citations to identify sources.

•Substantiate all of your personal opinions of students by identifying the third party, credible source evidence that led to such conclusions.

•Verify that source listings in the References Section correspond with the in-text citations. If I cannot determine which in-text citations correspond with the listings in the Reference section, the paper may not get credit for the source.

•Credible sources are sources dated post-January 1, 2010. Credible sources do not include personal interviews of company employees, blogs, Wikis (including Wikipedia) and discussion boards.

•Sources from the company itself (e.g. websites, annual reports, sales literature, etc.) are only counted as ONE source for a section even though it might be cited several times.

Select UP TO FOUR of the following topics to report on and label each section (using the highlighted phrase):

Salespeople: Describe the types of salespeople (inside sales, field sales reps, customer service reps, etc.) used by the Company, why, and how they are trained & compensated.

Media: Describe the types of media channels used (e.g. television advertising on shows such as “American Idol”, radio, digital, etc.) to promote the product.

Promotion Budget: Describe the breakdown of their promotional budget, strategies behind these decisions and how success is assessed for each activity.

Advertising Campaigns: Describe the advertising campaigns they are running, the messaging strategies used and the objectives.

Sales Promotions: Describe the types of sales promotions they use (push, pull), how often (weekly, monthly, annually) and how they are structured (what the offer typically is).

Publicity: Describe the types of publicity used (press releases, press conferences, social media, publicity stunts, etc.) how they are used and for what purpose

Integrated Marketing Communications: Describe how they achieve Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC).

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