reproduction is the act of reproducing a new individual biologically, week 2 disc 26 help

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Meilander discusses that “reproduction is the act of reproducing a new individual biologically whereas procreation is the process in which an organism produces others of it’s biological kind.” (Meilander, 2013). In Genesis 1:28 it says that we should”be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth”, however for many, that process is not so simple. I had one sibling, he was born with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. This disorder affects the muscles and progressively worsens until they become wheel chair bound. When my brother was 7 years old, he was confined to a wheelchair and passed away at age 16. His life changed the course of mine in many ways. I had lost my only sibling that looked like me and who was the result of our parents union. As I grew up, I wanted to have lots of children, I never wanted them to be alone like I had been. Unfortunatley it was not to be, I proceeded to have genetic testing to determine if I was a carrier for this deadly genetic disease. Tests revealed that I was in fact a carrier for Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy and I was devastated, how could this be, I lost my only sibling to this disease and now I have the potential to pass this on to my own offspring. I struggled for years with how would I ever become a parent, a dream I always invisioned.

Once meeting my husband, it was one of the first topics we discussed, I wasn’t sure he would want someone who couldn’t have children naturally. Would he be willing to endure the process we would have go through. I thank God everday that he was willing and we started our process of finding doctors that could help us. I had already prayed to God for years about this decision. I was not trying to alter the course of my fate, I was trying to become a parent of a child that would not die from this disease. I struggled everyday, had I not known I was a carrier I may have become pregnant naturally, I had no fertility issues at all. But for me the risk of bringing a child into this world that had physical disabilities and early death was to much to bear. After much counseling with my pastor, my parents and my own prayers to God, I knew if I was to be a mother, it was in Gods hands. I was not looking to choose a gender or a product, I was looking to have a healthy child that would have the same opportunities that we all should have. IVF is a grueling proces for those that have never had to endure it, but I knew GOD was with me through it all.

Today I have a beautiful four year daughter, that is healthy, happy and will never have to endure what I have endured. She can grow up and have children the natural way, not made. She was our biological child and she was a gift. She is of me, something that I lost many years ago.I found the readings to portray facts, versus being made versus begotten. However, IVF may be used in some cases uneccesarily, but for myself it was the only option. I had a 1 in 2 chance if I had a son, that he would have muscular dystrophy. 

The union for us was altered, and I agree that a child is the product of our love, but that was something beyond my control. I want my daughter to know that what I did was for her, so she could live a happy healthy life and have her own children one day, it was done out of love, not out of greed. She was never a product of my will, but her life has blessed so many. God has given a gift to our family, the gift of life. 

Whether someone considers us to begotten or made, we are Gods children, we are his reward. He blesses us with children to make us better followers of him. Many will argue whether it is right or wrong, but for those that believe in him, he blesses us with what he knows we need.

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