Signs You’re in a Dead-End Job, week 6 soc discussion help

We have explored the reality of “dead-end jobs” for many workers in the U.S. and worldwide, but do they exist in management positions? Some now claim that opportunities are not only unlikely, but should they present themselves, you might not want them anyway. For more information, you might examine the following article by going to the link below:
Signs You’re in a Dead-End Job


What changes have you observed in management roles? Share your experiences relative to managing or being managed in today’s workforce.

Your initial/main post should be posted by Thursday. You should include at least two substantive posts to classmates by Sunday.

Respond to two or more of your classmates’ postings in any of the following ways:

  • Build on something a classmate said
  • Explain why and how you see things differently
  • Ask a probing or clarifying question
  • Share an insight from having read a classmate’s posting
  • Offer and support an opinion
  • Expand on a classmate’s posting

Refer to the discussion grading rubric for more information on expectations of class discussions.

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