The genre occurs in contemporary African art, writing assignment help

The genre occurs in contemporary African art. The
genre is used by the fashion designers worldwide. This genre is created by
writers who art and fashion writers and it is used during fashion exhibitions,
in addition to teaching art and design classes. The purpose of this genre is to
contextualize African fashion design as an internationally engaged as well as
aesthetically vibrant practice. It is created to show high fashion and vibrant
fashion culture of Africa.

content that is typically incorporated in this fashion genre is the type and
texture of the materials used to create the attires and the various styles in
which they can be made. The colors and drawing of these artifacts are part of
the information that is excluded from the genre. The genre follows a
description pattern of text structure. The body part of the genre is organized
by describing the artifacts and giving examples.  The writings are written in the form of a
factual genre and arranged inconsistently. It contains over one text-type,
explaining the artifacts and recounting particular designers.  A formal language is commonly used in this
genre, with a lot of jargon language specific to art and fashion.

participants have to appreciate the intense creativity of African designers,
the rapid speed at which particular styles are revised, and the incredible
diversity of African fashion designs. 
Both the buyers and designers are invited into the genre. Traditions and
cultural heritage values and beliefs are revealed throughout the genre’s
patterns. The assumption is to influence the diversity, and the goals are to
encourage the designers to reimagine and create more fashion styles
persistently. The subject is educating and giving insights into Africa’s most
vibrant fashion culture. The most valuable content is the insight into the
intersections between the traditional forms and the designer fashions of dress.
The content on the color of the designer attires is ignored throughout the

  The genre helps in making it possible for artists to create
attires that fit into the current society in entirety, and can be used for any
occasion. The genre can also help fashion designers to incorporate materials
collected from different communities including international ones to create
fashionable attires that mirror the new age-group, national, and multicultural
aesthetic identity. The fabrication of these attires and their importance to
the Ghana people reflects the significance of this community’s national
culture. The materials reflect our cultural diversities and tell us that we can
blend local and international designs and produce attires that symbolize
markedly different national identities.

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