The purpose of this reflection assignment

Using the information from your reading, reflect on how you interacted in your group and how the group as a whole functioned. You may write in 1st person for this assignment. Then, write a substantive reflection in approximately 500 words. In your reflection address the questions and criteria in this assignment. Reference your sources appropriately according to APA guidelines.

  • What roles did you and the other members play?
  • Discuss the verbal communication in your group.
  • What were some of your group norms? Were these stated or assumed?
  • What types of interpersonal interaction took place in the group?
  • What stages of group development did your group go through? How do you know?
Include in your reflection:
  • An example of group roles played.
  • An example of communication patterns in your group.
  • An explanation of some group norms.
  • An example of interpersonal interaction that took place.
  • An example explaining the stage of group development achieved.

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