Your Dilemma, business and finance homework help

When we began the course we took a moment to analyze our own ethical make up. Now, as we wrap up the course you will analyze your classmates’ ethical make up.

For your initial post, choose one of the ethical dilemmas that you utilized for your project whether trending or non-trending. Do not respond to the situations or even elaborate on the actions you would take. Merely identifying and explaining the ethical dilemma will suffice for the initial post.

For your reply post, choose one of your classmate’s dilemmas and analyze how you would respond to the situation ethically and what makes your actions ethical.

Although it is not required, you are encouraged to engage in discussion back and forth on the ethical or unethical decisions you feel are being made. We do not all have the answers, as we have learned these past six weeks, but together we can help guide each other to more ethical and virtuous actions.

Recollect on all of the discussions, feedback and lectures you have engaged in throughout the quarter when making your final stake in your reply post.

**Only 1 – 2  Paragraghs needed**

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