APA Paper ( Body has to be 3-4 Pages)

An important part of the accounting profession is our code of professional ethics. These guidelines help us make the correct decisions while being under some of the most interesting and often stressful times in our workday.  Please select any ONE of the scenarios presented. Your challenge is to analyze the case facts, identify the ethical dilemmas, propose and examine at least three different courses of action that could be taken, use decision criteria to select one of them, and support your decision. You must use TWO text references in this report, and they must be listed in your references and cited in the body of your paper. You must also create an Annotated Bibliography for these two texts which will be attached after your reference page. Cases without both the references will automatically earn 0 points. Each case will be worth up to 60 points. Remember to support your “claims” with evidence to include facts, theories, and examples. A rubric is included to help guide you in the requirements for this project.  

Your report must be in APA style, and the body of your report can be no more than 5 pages in length. Make sure you have a correct title page, a correct abstract, and a reference page. If you have any questions about APA style, please go to the OWL Purdue website for help with this requirement. If you use the OWL site as a guideline, do NOT use the “running head” in this report and do NOT include “key words” on your cover page.   

Case #1.  Quality Construction Incorporated in Taft has hired you as one of their accountants in their purchasing department.  It is excellent work and you have an excellent boss who is fair, reasonable, and helpful.  It is Christmas time and you have finished your workday on the 23rd of December.  You are excited to get home, but know you have to stop at the post office to pick up a package that would not fit in the mailbox.  You cannot help but wonder what the package contains as you already have your gifts from out-of-state friends and family.  You reach the post office and see the very long line of people waiting.  You take your place and watch the clock tick off 20 minutes.  When you finally reach the counter, you hand over your delivery notice to the clerk who returns with a sizeable package weighing at least 15 pounds.  Excitement mounts as you return to your car and make your way home.  Once there, you open your package to see a gorgeous ham with the enclosed note, “Happy Holidays- We Appreciate Working with You!” and it is signed by a supplier who has put in a bid on a contract your firm will be awarding in the next week.   

Case #2.  Eenie Miney is a dear friend of yours, and of course she knows you are a tax accountant. April 15th is soon approaching, and you and Eenie just happen to be sharing some friendly gossip when she asks you to consider preparing her tax return.  You are more than happy to help out this dear friend and schedule an appointment to do her return in a couple of days.  You meet later in the week, and you complete her return while at home.  She has a somewhat complicated tax return, and you decide to charge her $250 for the work.  She is very happy with both the return and your work and pays you in cash.  

Case #3.   Costagrand Communications, a large software developer for financial firms and located between Taft and Maricopa in California, is working on a $7 million dollar project.  It is the end of the fiscal year and you, the controller, are striving to finish your financial reports on time.  The company uses a percentage of completion method to recognize its revenues which means that for a contract which is 50% done, the company will be able to recognize 50% of the revenue.  Your accounting records show the $7 million project to be about 75% complete.  The senior managers, having looked at the preliminary financials, are quick to realize that this amount will not allow them to reach their financial goals and to receive their substantial bonuses, including yours. You know the percentage of completion method is really just an estimate, and the managers have asked that the project be recognized at 90% complete and new financials be prepared.

Case #4.  You have the best of luck!  As an accounting student, you have been looking and looking for an intern position to help you pay for your tuition at Taft College, and a phone message at your apartment lets you know that the Pickle Garden in Taft wants you!  You are thrilled to have the job and make arrangements to start the beginning of the next week.  As a few weeks go by, you find you love your work but notice that the owner of the company is paying her kitchen workers in cash.   

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