color blind racism paper based on film

Film Chosen: Remember the Titans

TextBook needed: Getting Real about Race

Student will choose a film, present quotes from each of the colorblind racism, frames, and analyze them accordingly, in a minimum of six pages.

As his/her critical-thinking decision-making objective, students should decide whether the societal evidence he/she reviews in the paper:

(a) demonstrates the typical colorblind pattern that Bonilla-Silva describes in the textbook; or

(b) reveals a more progressive and/or minority pattern; or

(c) some combination of the above; or (d) some other pattern not discussed in the textbook but worth exploring in future research.

The student may find that the quotes he/she analyzes deliberately challenge one of the four frames of colorblindness in some way, and he/she can note this in the paper as well.

Each paper should consider the implications of the analysis of colorblindness for the future of multiracial society. In other words, how do the representations discovered in your analysis help and/or hinder a society’s progress toward inclusive multiracial democracy?

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