Counselor competence

The competence of a counselor has a direct effect on the client, but exceeding the boundaries of one’s competence has both legal and ethical consequences. In the video Dealing with Delusions the counselor realizes that she that she is beyond her boundaries of competence. When the counselor realizes that the client is delusional she suggests that client see a more qualified professional.

1. After viewing video clip Dealing with Delusions, what is the main ethical issue or ethical issues you believe this role play illustrates? When you answer this be sure to summarize and cite one to two standards that are most relevant.

2. What would you do in a similar situation? How might you respond if your client flatly refuse the idea of a referral?

3. What would you do to improve your competence in dealing with a delusional client if you were to continue seeing the client?

Here is link to video and ACA Code of Ethics is attached. I just need between 250 and 300 words. Thank you

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