Foreign Direct Investment Project (Hawaii)

1. States that need to be looked into is Hawaii (attached is the Appendix for information)

Information below needs to be answered for Hawaii.

– Question for needs to answer Hawaii and Washington states

2. FDI Concepts & Theory (about 2 pages, 10 points):

(i).Definition of FDI; how is it different from other forms FDI;

(ii). What are some of the theories that explain FDI?

(iii).Why do firms invest in foreign markets?

3. Federal & State programs that promote FDI: (about 2 pages, 20 points):

(i).Federal programs: “Hire America” & Buy American” “select USA”, CFIUS, trade agreements, foreign trade zones & incentives such as recent changes in federal taxes;

(ii). State programs that promote FDI in the state;

(iii). Discuss the type of industries (manufacturing, services or any other type of business) in which FOE invested and operate in your division/state;

(iv). Identify at least five FOEs operating in your Division/state; provide information on firm’s home country, year of entry into the US & dollar value of FDI, type of business; , website for each firm;

4. Performance of FDI in your division/state: (about 2 pages, 25 points):

(I) Performance of FOEs in terms of US exports & Imports; FOE US based sales network OE supplies to US manufacturers and other end users;

(ii). Contribution to Local employment; R&D linkages with local universities; student internships;

(iii). Discuss if any of those FOEs have expanded or diversified their operations in the USA subsequent to their entry into the USA;

(iv). Any challenges that FOEs encountered with US regulations (CFIUS), national security, IPRs or compliance issues?;

5. Conclusion (1 page, 3 points)

Briefly write your inferences (conclusion) relating to FDI in your division or state.

Provide a bibliography: include at least 3 recent journal articles and other relevant sources referenced in the report;


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