Geography Question

Type a 4 full page minimum, double-spaced paper (1000 word minimum, size 12 font in Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman) on the causes and effects of global climate change. At the top of the page, all you need is your name and title of the paper single spaced.

You must address how and why climate change happens and what the consequences of it are? How is it affecting the landscape, environment, people, and anything else. What are humans doing to combat climate change? As part of the paper, if you like, you can pick one or a few countries and use them as examples to see how they are being affected by climate change.

For the separate bibliography page, you must use at least 8 sources and list them in MLA or APA format. The bibliography page is not part of the 4 page/1000 word minimum. In order to receive a 50/50 on the paper, you should not only address all of the above listed issues, but it must also be well thought out and written with very few to no spelling and grammatical errors.

Everything you type must be in your own words and any plagiarism will automatically result in a zero. If you use any direct quotes, you must cite them appropriately as per MLA or APA standards. However, you may not use more than 2-3 short (1-2 line) quotes in your entire paper. The paper needs to be uploaded using the provided Turnitin link by 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday (6/29). If you have any problems with the link, you must email the paper to me by the due date. As usual, late papers will not be accepted.

From the 2013-2014 Undergraduate Academic Catalog —

1. Plagiarism is the act of representing another’s ideas, words, or information as one’s own. Every student writing a paper should be aware of the following principles.

a. All directly quoted materials must be identified as such by quotation marks. The source(s) of this material must be acknowledged.

b. When borrowed ideas or information is not directly quoted by a student, the student should have so assimilated this material that it is indeed being expressed in his/her own words. However, just as in the case of direct quotations, the sources of such borrowed ideas or information must be acknowledged.

2. The sources of ideas or information lying well within the realm of common knowledge (i.e., material that would be known by anyone familiar with the subject under discussion) need not be acknowledged.

3. Students guilty of plagiarism are subject to severe penalties, ranging from failure for the assignment to failure in the course or, in extreme cases, dismissal from the University. The instructor, in consultation with the Departmental Chair and the School Dean, shall determine the appropriate sanction to be imposed. Students appealing the imposed sanction must present their appeal in writing to the Provost for a final resolution.

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