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My Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -4.5
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.08


My dot falls in to the Left Libertarian quadrant. In reference to the horizontal line which represents my views of how much control the government should have over the economy, since I am more to the left side it means the more I support regulation by the government (Chamberlain University, 2019). Regarding the vertical line, the further down my dot is shows that I “support individual regulation, rather than government control, of daily life” (Chamberlain University, 2019). I think my results are pretty close to what I believe in. However, I did think my dot would be a little more to the right when it came to government regulation over the economy. The graph was correct when it came to the concept of individual freedom. I believe in a good balance between the two. Merryweather (2014) states that for left-libertarians, “liberty isn’t solely about being left alone to live your life, or shrinking the government and leaving society’s organization up to corporations and other bureaucratic institutions. It’s about viewing liberty, open markets, cooperation, free trade, and non-aggression as the tools necessary for building a better world for everybody.”

I came into this course with apprehension toward the subject of political science. I never really kept updated or had interest with political issues or the government. This course was surprisingly delightful and I was interested to learn more as the weeks went by. I think what really helped was the approach of how this course was taught and how engaged everyone was with the discussions. This course will definitely be beneficial to my daily life and career choice. As we were taught early in the course, political science affects so many things in our daily lives. Whether its filing our taxes, getting a license, opening a business, collecting social security or even just paying tuition for our classes, they are all in a way affected by politics and the government. My biggest takeaway from this course is the importance that we need to be informed and continue to educate ourselves in order to make decisions that will shape our future. When it comes to my career I will definitely be keeping up with the political health related issues as that could affect what I do at work, how I provide care, policies, regulations and so much more.

Thank you Dr. T!

Paola C.


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