NIAAA website

Part 1: Please go to the NIAAA website and read the Sample Personal Data Form to become a Registered Athletic Administrator.

Directions: To access the form, go to the homepage of the NIAAA website at and login. Then, hover over the Programs heading with your mouse at the top of the page and then select NIAAA Certification Program. From there, click on Certification Requirements for each level listed under the heading of NIAAA Certification Program in the upper left. Finally, click on the View Sample PDF button under Registered Athletic Administrator (RAA) .

Part 2: Please find
three websites (list their URL) related to high school athletics (or
any topics related to high school sports, equipment, facilities,
athletic training, etc.). List each website and describe the following:

* The purpose and significance of the website
* Describe how the site is beneficial to high school athletic departments, athletic directors, athletes, etc.
* Explain if the site is easy to navigate. Describe strengths and weaknesses of the website.


in a 2-4 page APA formatted essay, address the above issues and

describe how you would use this information as an athletic administrator

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