Please assist with completing a Business Report

Good evening. Using only the SEC 10K for Northrop Grumman attached, please assist with a one to two page business report. One to two full in pages in length: single spaced; 12 pt. font. One Inch margins.

If you create any small charts they will count for page space. Tell the story of Northrop Grumman in the parameters described below. Consider this as a starting point:

  • What products does your company make and sell?
  • Do they manufacture their products or purchase from others?
  • Are sales increasing or decreasing? How does this relate to changes in inventory and accounts receivable?

What issues might your company experience related to risk? Search the PDF version of the SEC 10-K for Northrop Grumman for the word risk.

Consider the costs on the income statement. What are the line items? Consider how these relate to the operations of the company. Are they increasing with sales or other changes?

You might also consider the concept of competitive advantage as the company balances the disclosure of required financial information for compliance with good business practices.

Reading the SEC 10-K might reveal other companies and brands your company controls, locations where they operate, and other big picture business perspectives.

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