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Module 4: Middle Adulthood forum

A)How do proponents of the mid-life crisis and the life events perspective approach middle age differently? What are some stereotypes of mid-life crisis in men and women? Are these stereotypes supported by research, your own observations, or experience? How might culture influence a mid-life crisis? In our culture, are we more afraid of aging because of how it impacts our physical appearance or more afraid of aging because it reminds us of our mortality? Please provide examples and evidence to support your argument. 500words. Intext citations, references in APA format

Module 4: Early Adulthood Essay

Please watch It’s About Time We Stopped Shaming Millennials in its entirety. This video explores just a few issues the current generation of young adult’s experience. As you write your essay, answer these questions:

If you are not part of this generation, how do the challenges of today’s young adults differ from the challenges faced by your own generation? How are the challenges similar?

If you are a part of this generation, how accurate was this documentary regarding the challenges of your generation? Please provide specific examples from your own experience and observations throughout your essay.

What important challenges were left out?

What does it mean to you (regardless of which generation you are a part of) to be a young adult in today’s society?

How does identity development change during these formative years? 800 words, references in APA format.

intext citation

Module 5: Late Adulthood Essay

Use the Essay Rubric to guide your essay writing.

Please watch the Ted Talk Seeking Immortality

What do you think about the biologist’s claim that aging is a problem society needs to address? Do you agree or disagree and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of developing ways to slow aging or repairing the damage of developmentally normal aging? What are the ethical concerns? What might the consequences be, both positive and negative, for a culture that pursues the slowing of aging? 800 words, references in APA format.

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Module 5: Theory Application Paper



For this assignment, you will deliver your Theory Application Paper, which you have been working on since Module 2.


Submit your final Theory Application Paper to the Dropbox.

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