buddhist exam

There are two parts of the exam, first part is define the terms in a few sentences. The second part is write two essay questions.

I. Here is the first part

1. Bodhidharma

2. Buddha-nature

3. Poetry contest between Shen-hsiu(Shen-xiu) and Hui-neng (what happened and what’s the significance.

4. Direct(sudden) awakening

5.”No-thought, no-form and no-attachment

6. Zazen

7.”dropping off body and mind

8. Dogen’s being-time

9. Bodhicitta

10. Koan

II. Here is the second part

Question 1. Please discuss the general features of Chan/Zen Buddhism and then compare and contrast Hui-neng and Dogen’s teachings on each of the following subjects:

-Sitting meditation vs enlightenment


-The practice of no-self

Question 2. Over the course of the semester, we have read a variety of classic Buddhist texts that address major themes in Buddhism, such as the problem of human suffering and its cause, the teachings of the Buddha, and the path to enlightenment. Please select two primary texts and compare and contrast them-illustrating with examples what major issues/problems the two texts address and what kind of arguments, literary forms and modes of persuasion the authors have used in articulating their ideas.

Here is the requirements for the essay

Be prepared to write an organized and clear essay which totally at least 4 paragraphs that includes An introductory paragraph, in which you state the main premise of your argument (your high-level answer to the question). At least two”body”paragraphs, in which you explain your main ideas as fully as possible. These paragraphs must also present evidence that supports your ideas and assumptions(e.g, examples from the readings, comments from other texts), and you need to explain clearly how or why that particular evidence supports the main points of your argument. A concluding paragraph that summarizes your main points and makes clear their significance.

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