Business Law questions

According to the textbook “The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business 17th – Marisa Anne Pagnatt”

Answer the 5 questions, each question requires 250-400 words.

  1. Briefly explain the two types of product defects that give rise to strict products liability.
  2. List and explain the five elements required to form a valid contract.
  3. Steve has been asked to join a partnership. What must Steve consider when choosing to become a general or limited partner?
  4. Explain the characteristics that an invention should have in order to be patentable.
  5. Jessica, a marketing manager of a firm, has a stellar employment record with the firm. When her name came up for promotion, the committee responsible for promotions felt that clients would not respond well to a female head, so they gave her a salary hike instead. Can Jessica sue the firm in this case? Explain.

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