Case assignment module 4

Case Assignment

In your teams, use the Internet to plan a trip to a location outside the United States. Each individual, working independently, will use the services of a different online travel site such as,,, or (Search “online travel sites” for additional options.) Work together to share the findings of the group.

  1. Find the lowest airfare.
  2. Examine a few hotels by class.
  3. Get suggestions of what to see.
  4. Find out about local currency, and convert $1,500 to that currency with an online currency converter.
  5. Compile travel tips.

Prepare a report comparing how each site performed in terms of its ease of use, helpfulness, and best overall deal. Each member of the team will post the results of the group analysis and a separate post that contacts a discussion of the team processes.

Assignment Expectations

In this Case, you are continuing to work with your study team. Produce a 3- to 4-page paper analyzing and comparing online travel sites. Use of Excel and tables is highly recommended along with a description of your analysis. The final report should include two report findings combined in one Word doc.

  1. The group analysis comparing the travel sites. This report will be discussed as a team in the discussions, but you will compose the final paper presentation your own. For this section, you will include the following.
  • You should compile the various Excel documents, if any, and use the copy/paste command from Excel into a Word document
  • How does the team research and analysis compare to other team members in general (same websites, prices?)
  • Why the team feels that its research, analysis, and comparison are optimum to be included as the team paper.
  • You individual submission should consist of the input from your team. Review the thread and make notes.
  1. Your individual discussion of the team processes. In this report, you will discuss the following.
  • What communication software did you use to communicate with your team?
  • The names of students who interacted in the discussion and provided comparison reports.
  • What you learned from this exercise and how you propose to improve it.
  1. Each student will submit to the dropbox the group analysis composed as an individual paper along with that member’s individual discussion of team processes. Please submit all in one Word document.

Note: For students who deliver Case 4 late and outside the team discussion, please read the conversation threads and prepare your paper based on those

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