Discussion 1 Wk4 – Thomas Davis

Reply to post in 200 or more words.

(1) articulate the relevant characteristics of our mixed economic system

The United States has a mixed economy that has some law’s regulating the farming industry but not enough to ensure that food safety standards are in place that will protect public health to the fullest extent possible. Also the lack of oversight and inspections of these companies along with government corruption also inhibits the quality of food safety in the states.

(2) present the regulations for the factory farming industry. These will provide the setting for you to be able to examine how the nation’s laws affect its operations.

Interestingly enough the UK attempted to deregulate the farming industry in 1996. This attempt led to the world market banning imports of UK beef due to health concerns and it was well warranted. This deregulation of the farming industry led to one of the biggest E coli breakouts in history and a health epidemic in the UK. After this health crisis was put to an end they developed a food safety agency that was responsible for overseeing the agricultural industry much like the United States. The United States has had similar issues with food safety in the states but it was due to a lack of oversight not regulation. I think the UK served as a good example and experiment as to why food safety is so critical to our societies health.  

In the second part of your initial post, present your analysis of the problem in a way that identifies which entities (Perdue as a corporation, the economic system in the USA, the regulatory control of the state, or all of these) have a role in the problem that you have presented.

Companies like Perdue are focused on one thing and that is the maximum amount of profit to be made with the least amount of work even if it is at the cost of the consumer. The reason I have come to this conclusion is due to the fact that if there is no oversight businesses and people alike will take shortcuts and eventually it will lead to someone being the victim. Humans do not follow the rules because they like rules, they follow them because of the fear of consequences not because it is the morally correct thing to do. People will naturally break the rules they think they can get away with. As a result of this if no oversight is present then the rules will inevitably be broken like in the Lehman Brothers case for instance, or Perdue, Fannie May and so on. Oversight is incredibly crucial to the proper operation of any entity whether it is Business, Government or Personnel, that is why we have checks and balances.

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