Gladwell, Malcolm, Blink, New York: Little, Brown, 2005

here is the instructions:

Each student’s participation grade will be partly determined by his or her role as the discussion leader for the particular set of chapters assigned in one given class session.  Early in the semester we will determine which students will lead the discussion for which sessions. The discussion leader will be required to provide a set of discussion questions (about two per chapter) in advance of the assigned sessionThese questions should challenge us to think more broadly or more deeply about the reading. On the day of the given seminar, the student will help to lead the discussion throughout the session and then summarize the reading with brief closing remarks. And summery by the end of the chapters. 

So you should write 2 questions for each chapter, the chapters are 4,5,6. And summarize for chapters 4-6.

You can find the book here:

Gladwell, Malcolm, Blink, New York: Little, Brown, 2005

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