Korea: The Impossible Country, Literature homework help



 Korea: The Impossible Country (Daniel Tudor) Book report assignment


Question #1 –

What are the key ideas explored by Tudor in Foundations? (Chapters 1 through 6) Explain how the mélange of religious values in Korea influenced capitalism and democracy. Provide specific examples to illustrate your understanding.


Question # 2 –

Step 1: Visit http://geert-hofstede.com/ and read the definitions of each national culture dimension.

Step 2. Use the comparison chart tool to compare South Korea and the United States. Make sure to take a screen shot and include it in your answer.

Step 3. Complete reading Cultural Codes (Chapters 7 through 12).

Step 4. Based on your reading and understanding of Tudor (Part II), explain how Hofstede’s dimensions of national culture support or refute the concepts discussed in chapters 7 through 8.

Develop a comprehensive and concise argument for each of the chapters.


Question # 3 –

Summarize the key ideas of part III. Which chapter in this section you found the most compelling and why?


Question # 4 –

Summarize the key ideas of parts IV and V. Based on your reading, identify 5 aspects of Korean culture that you find the most interesting. These five aspects should be specific, clearly articulated, and based on Tudor’s chapter 19 through 28. For each aspect, provide a detailed action plan on how you may experience these elements of Korean life during your program.  Your action plan should be based on the program itinerary and plans for personal travel. 

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