Please respond to the following:

For this week’s Discussion, research one (1) publicly traded company
in which you are interested using the Internet and/or Strayer databases.
Locate the company website and financial statements. Also locate
information on the types of bonds the company issues. Review the
Liabilities section of the company’s Balance Sheet. Be prepared to

  • Imagine that you just read about another company in the same
    industry facing criminal charges for misrepresenting their liabilities.
    Naturally, you’re worried that the company you’re researching might be
    doing something similar. Hypothesize a scenario in which someone at the
    company could intentionally misstate liabilities for his or her personal
    financial gain. Recommend two (2) actions that these companies can take
    to prevent or detect intentional misstatements of liabilities for
    personal financial gain. Justify your response.
  • Imagine that you are advising an investor who is considering
    purchasing bonds issued by the selected company. Analyze the types of
    bonds the chosen company issues. Make a recommendation to the investor
    as to which type of bond would provide the most value. Justify your

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