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My key decisions and strategy for this weeks game came from using price elasticity, and forecasting the price of shoes for that year.  Predicting material prices were also a good way of forecasting profits and a positive cash position.  I have used my business/economics background as a tool to help my position in the game.  I am not sure that this will work but I hope that I have made some positive movement for year 11 in the game.   The first thing that I would recommend to anyone playing the Business Strategy Game is to first read the players manual and the last years reports .  This way a player will have a baseline to judge future decisions and forecasting by.  I love competition, and this game is a way in real-time that a player can show what he or she is really made of.  Also, practical real-life jobs that a person may have would be a real advantage if they were in the retail business as a manager.

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