reading and answering questions

After Reading chapter 7 and chapter 15, answer the following questions. Once you have answered the questions, provide at least two responses to your fellow classmates’ answers.

Ch. 7

1. What are the four first steps to consider when preparing a speech? Briefly explain each of the four steps discussed.

2. According to your textbook, what are four things you should consider when choosing at topic? Explain each of the four in detail.

3. What are the three general purposes for speaking? Provide your own example for each of the purposes discussed.

Ch. 15

4. Name and explain the three major goals of informative speeches.

5. Name and explain the five types of informative speeches. Provide your own example for each of the types of informative speeches.


The answer must be complete sentences

easy grammar, and vocabulary

after finish reply will posted

any questions let me know

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