Simple biology worksheet


1. Explain the terms “osmosis”, “facilitated diffusion” and “active transport”. Give
ONE example of active transport process in human body. (10 marks)

2. Women having menopause usually develop osteoporosis, and hormonal replacement
therapy is one of the effective treatments for these patients.
(a) Explain the term “osteoporosis”. (2 marks)

(b) Explain, in term of the change of a hormone and the activity of osteoblasts as well
as osteoclasts, why post-menopausal women usually develop osteoporosis. What are
the functions of the osteoblasts and osteoclasts? (4 marks)

(c) What is the easiest non-invasive assessment method to determine whether a patient
has developed osteoporosis? (1 mark)
(d) State ONE serious disadvantage receiving hormonal replacement therapy which
triggers long-term complication to patients. (1 mark)

(e) Addition to hormonal replacement therapy, suggest TWO recommendations to your
patients in their diet in order to increase their bone density. (2 marks)

3. A case, of wearing skinny jeans causes compartment syndrome, was published in
Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. Explain the condition and how might
this condition be brought about by wearing tight jeans. Describe the main symptoms
and possible treatments (immediate and long term treatments). (10 marks)

4. Mr. Wong had been diagnosed as having diabetes for the past five years, and now
finds it difficult to lift the front part of his left foot off the ground and often scuff his
toes along the ground while walking. What is his associated medical problem related to
diabetes? State all possible tests to confirm his condition? Suggest possible medical
management for his problem, including an immediate treatment. (10 marks)

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