Topic 5 DQ2 response to Maria Edralin smith

Advocacy is “the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal” (Advocacy, n.d.). When nurses advocate for patients, stand up for patients’ rights, or work to meet their need for care, that nurse is actively assuming the role of patient advocate. The nurse is using knowledge to care for the patient and to coordinate care for the patient. There are many different types of advocacy. People can be their own advocates or they can advocate for a group or for a specific person, problem, or cause. No matter the cause or the problem, being an advocate is supporting someone or something (Heilbig, J.,2018 ).

The importance of advocacy as it pertains to patient care is being the voice for patients. When nurses voice out their concern whenever a proposition that would affect patient care is involved in the legislation, that is advocating for the patient. Another would be when a patient might not know that they do have the right to speak up when appropriate care is not being met. The nurse’s role in patient advocacy is to support them for; however, nurses can. For example, if you are taking care of a patient who has different values compared to yours. Nurses need to put aside that differences and concentrate on what a patient wishes. Nurses goal is patient-centered care. Nurses actions and care has to revolve around that goal, as long as the nurse is aware that it does not harm the patient. By doing so, the patient would be satisfied with the care received and would have a better nurse-patient trust relationship.
I had a post op patient who was experiencing severe pain, experiencing nausea and vomiting and requesting if able to stay overnight. The doctor insisted that the patient would be fine with discharge pain and anti-nausea medications. I informed the doctor that the patient already received analgesics and anti-nausea medication with no apparent effect and the patient is just not ready to be discharged. The patient then stayed in the hospital and discharged later on the next day. My patient would have been discharged and readmitted if I had not advocated for my patient’s best interest.


Heilbig, J. (2018). Dynamics in nursing: Art & science of professional practice. Retrieved from…

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