Constructive Criticism


One of your co-workers has been given charge of constructing an email introducing the new line of textbooks that will be advertised to textbook committees and local school boards across the country. This opportunity is extremely important for the company, and the advertising team has planned to publicize the new line with a big push. They will start by sending an email to the prospective buyers. Since this email is a crucial part of the push, your coworker has asked for your constructive feedback before sending it to the prospective buyers.

Read the copy of her email here, and using what you have learned about collaborating and giving feedback, write her a return email that gives her constructive feedback to improve her email. Make sure your email contains the following:

  1. Use the Sandwich Method to present your feedback.
  2. Your input and feedback should contain the errors in the present email as well as your ideas on how to improve her email.
  3. Be sure to use professional formal English in your response, since she is charged also with writing a professional email for release to the business community.
  4. Remember that she is a member of your team, and your goal is to help her make this email a successful statement in the company’s advertising campaign so be sure to use constructive criticism.

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