Cover letter and development plan

Need to finish both part A and part B. Cover letter

Part A:

Cover Letter (word count at least 450-600):

Write a cover letter to the company of your target job/internship focusing on the two competencies/skills you currently possess from the job posting. Focus more on transferable skills (e.g. teamwork, communication, critical thinking, etc.) than on hard quantitative skills. The NACE Competencies are a good guide.

Follow the “Sticky Stories” Cover Letter format in Handshake.

Maximum Page Length: 1 single space page Points: 50

Parr B:

Development plan( word count at least 450-600):

For the two competencies you currently do not possess, but need to have for your target career, write a short development plan to get you there before you graduate. Remember the process used for your SLPI and Team Improvement plans. You may use only one quantitative skill for one of your development plans (e.g. SQL or Python, Advanced Excel, Google Analytics, etc.)

Using the same job or internship posting you’re using for your cover letter, record yourself in VMock answering the question, “Why should we hire you?” See the Final Exam Page/Elevator Pitch and Career Services Videos for guidance on how to craft your elevator pitch. Hint: you can use the same selling points you used in your cover letter. Based on the feedback provided from VMock, on what areas do you need refinement and how will you do that?

VMock VMock is an online platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you improve your resume writing and interviewing skills. You will get immediate feedback that will help you polish your presentation to employers. 1. Use Google Chrome, go to and log in using your login name and password. 2. Select “Elevator Pitch” from the left-hand menu. 3. Record your elevator pitch and review the detailed feedback.

Your final paragraph (short) should highlight what you learned about learning new behaviors and how you have grown.

Maximum Page Length: 1 page Points: 30

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