Ethical Issues and Dilemmas

1.) Describe a business/organizational example that experienced
an ethical issue or dilemma. (Ethical issue includes bribery, discrimination,
conflicts of interest, or lying) Choose only one ethical issue.

a. Choose the example from your personal experience or research

b. Describe it,

c. Explain how the issue was resolved or how it could be

2.) Explain whether ethics in business are over regulated or
not regulated enough. If you think ethics are over regulated describe a
specific law or regulation that you would repeal or weaken. If you think ethics
are not regulated enough, describe a new law or regulation that you would write
or how you would strengthen one of the existing laws or regulations. In either
case, be specific about the changes you would make and explain how your
proposals would result in a better balance.

Law or regulation covered in course material include Sherman
Antitrust Act, Clayton Act, Robinson-Patman Act, Lanham Act, Consumer Goods
Pricing Act, FTC Act, Trademark Counterfeiting Act, Fraud Enforcement and
Recovery Act. Please use one of the provided laws or regulation to answer
question #2. 

* Note: Answer each question with 150 to 200 word count. Use APA format for in-text citation and reference. Provide a source for each question, total of 2 or more sources. 

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