Global Health Concerns study case

Instructions: Please answer the following questions based on the Case Study. I have attached the case study on the attachments

1.What was the general state of health in Pakistan in the 21st century?Give specific examples.

2.Discuss the Public Health system in Pakistan.What were some of the challenges and failings of the system?

3.What kind of facility was the Indus Hospital?Who did they serve?What kinds of services did they provide?

4.What was the motivation for Dr. Bari and his colleagues to expand the surgical facility at the Indus Hospital?How did they plan to support it financially?

5.What were some of the barriers to measuring quality of care?What were some of the measures the hospital leadership put in place to monitor quality of care?

6.How did the hospital attract medical staff / surgeons when they could not pay higher salaries?

7.What training programs does the Indus run?How does this relate to the quality of care?

8.How did the research conducted affect the hospital planning, as well as the attitudes of the medical staff?

9.What is “Zakat” and what impact did it have on the financing of the Indus hospital?

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