Please read the article and write 2 to 3 pages about it

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Could you please read the article and write 2 to 3 pages about it.


Discuss the above questions on the NTA room and the Process Engineering Proposal.Is the process change necessary for the firm?If so, how should it be introduced and implemented?What should happen to the current workers and to Ralph Langley?Can Ralph manage the ‘new’ system?What should be the roles of Ralph Langley, Herb Singer, Neil Goodrich and the current NTA room workers if the change is deemed needed?Finally; would things have been different in the NTA room if ‘Ralph’ had been ‘Rachael’?In what ways?How might the implementation of the PEP proceed differently? (Hint: do the STS Worksheet and analyze the ‘5 R’s’ for before and after the PEP. How do they change/differ?)


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