Christian Religion Questions

300 words minimum for question 1.

  • This week your written assignment is to explore the steps for discerning a call to ministry in your own congregation/denomination. Compare the process between your congregation/denomination of Non-Denominational Christian with the United Methodist Church.

In 500 words write an academic report (this is not a reflection paper of your experience) addressing the following areas about vocational discernment within a Non-denominational Christian Church?

1.What is the process of discernment to ministry in your tradition at the personal, congregation and denomination levels?

2.What theological understanding of call and response is adhered to by your community/denomination?

3.List and explain the steps required for ordination in your tradition. If ordination is not a practice followed by your tradition, what are the steps to necessary to serve as a pastor?

4.Evaluate the Pastoral degree program at Southwestern College ( light of those requirements; what further steps for ordination would need to be undertaken after completing a degree at SCPS?

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