Letter to Legislator and Policy Brief

Write a letter to your state member of the Legislature or a Member of Congress from your state regarding a national or state health policy.

For pending bills:

students:should utilize web references provided in the text and/or Associations such as the American Nurses Association (ANA): Nurses World.

From the ANA homepage, the student can link to the Government Affairs page and search current legislation.

The letter must be:

in support of or in opposition to a current piece of legislation;

one page, using a standard letter format;

addressed properly to the student’s member of Congress or State Legislator;

members of Congress, NJ 7th – Leonard Lance (R)

State Legislators (R) Senator Michael J. Doherty, Assemblyman John DiMaio, Assemblyman Erik Peterson

include an additional one-page policy document (brief) that summarizes the student’s rationale for support or opposition;

include at least two scholarly references, in APA format, that support the student’s position and include a concise overview of the rationale.

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